What is Victory Shelter Club?

The Enid SPCA story starts years ago in our small Enid Community. Two pet lovers saw a big need in this area and wanted to help Enid’s homeless adoptable pets. They made great strides to make a difference and with a small growing support group, they managed to help hundreds of pets.

Fast forward to today can 2 become 200 or 2000 or even 20,000 in our community. It started with 2 and now we need you!

Our new monthly ESPCA pet rescue group…Victory Shelter Club is named after one of our founders and our current Executive Director, Vickie Grantz. We took part of her name as a reminder to honor where we started and added what we feel is our dally mission to make it a “Victory”.

We all long to be a founder of something and to make a difference; this Is an all-inclusive club for pet lovers throughout our community to band together, so when you and I tell the story again we can say we did it together. Your name will be on that list and in the ESPCA history of support that made no more homeless pets possible and Enid a more humane community.

Our project is growing again and this small group needs you and your continued support now more than ever! We say “our”; because that includes “you”…”you” are part of “us”.

Let’s make a positive impact for pets together and the story we will tell will not just be about 2 (founding members Vickie and Gabriella)…or of a few (like Bonnie, Sherry and Mimi),,,it will include you! This is Victory Shelter Club…WELCOME.

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