Our Dogs NEED YOU!

Have you ever wanted to try fostering, or are you a seasoned foster with three days to spare? Please help us get the dogs out of the kennels for a STAYCATION!

This STAYCATION is the perfect way to try out fostering. It’s like babysitting for a few days. It’s also a great way to try out a pet in your life or an additional pet in your family. You can even do it more than once. You may find that short-term fostering is your “thing.”

You will be doing a great deed by giving a shelter dog a rest from the busy kennels. Dogs are more likely to get adopted when we know something about how they are in a home. When people see photos of them in a home setting, they are more likely to think about them in their own homes.

You may happen to find the perfect “STAYCATION” friend that fits in perfectly at your house.

We’d love to help you find a “STAYCATION” buddy. If you are not an ESPCA foster yet, please complete our application at enidspca.org/foster. Our coordinator, Sonya, will help you with the quick and easy process of getting started fostering.

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