People often say it would be too difficult to visit a shelter because they believe it would be sad and depressing…however, the ESPCA is a happy place and a place that makes the most of second chances! Most of our adoptable pets come from Animal Control, they are all given VIP treatment upon entering our facility. Each pet is vetted, treated for fleas and ticks, bathed and groomed and given lots of love by our intake staff. After just one day we can tell a big improvement in their overall spirit.

We have an air conditioned building which houses 22 dog kennels. Each dog kennel has a doggy door and the dogs go in and out as they please. To keep the dogs in our care happy and healthy, we work extra hard to keep the kennels very clean. Our staff and volunteers work every day enriching the pet’s lives with clicker training and plenty of play time!

Our cats get to roam free in one of 8 different cat rooms. Each room has big windows so the cats can lay in the windowsills and bird watch! There are plenty of toys and jungle gyms in the rooms to climb on. Volunteers can often be found playing with kitties and loving on all our furry guests.

We rely on donations from our community to continue to succeed. Now more than ever, we need your help. You can make a donation online at or in person at the Enid SPCA.

If you or an organization would like a tour of the facility, please give us a call 580.233.1325 or email us at

(Pictured is Tess, a new guest to the ESPCA)


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