My Husband and I adopted Portia (renamed Abby), around August 10th and she has been such a joy! I get so excited when I come home from work and she is so excited to see me. My husband often teases me that I greet her more enthusiastically than him. We are crate training her and that is working out really good. Occasionally, I will let her sleep with us at night because she is so warm and loves to cuddle up to us. She hops around the backyard like a rabbit and we get such a kick out of watching her! She hardly ever barks, except when she is trying to get the cat to jump off the table to play with her,so when she does it’s hard to tell her no, because she sounds so cute! I’ve included a couple of pictures that we took the first week we had her home and then some current ones. I think I am a little biased about her because I included a lot of pictures. Hope you all enjoy them.
Mike and Twila.

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