Hello to everyone at the Enid SPCA,
We wanted to let you all know that Apollo is doing great! It has been a whole year since Apollo found his forever home with us and he has come a long way since then. He went from a scared, nervous, unsure dog to a happy, playful, curious, relaxed dog. He looks like he always has a smile on his face. 🙂
Apollo spends most of his days doing his favorite thing, chillin’ out in the backyard with his buddy Shep. When it’s hot they will get in their kiddy pool to cool off (Apollo loves the kiddy pool!). When it’s really hot outside he likes to come inside and hangout with us. Apollo loves to cuddle and get attention from us.
Apollo enjoys going for walks, running along side the bike, playing with our other 2 dogs (Shep and Sadie) and us, flying over jumps we make for him, and getting belly rubs (especially those belly rubs!). He even knows some tricks and commands- shake and crawl, laydown, sit, come, and stay.
We taught Apollo how to bark on command by saying “Apollo, do you want to go outside?”. He gets so excited that he spins around and will bark or howl! He is very fun!
If you can believe this, he has turned into our fierce backyard guard dog! When someone approaches the backyard that he doesn’t know he barks and barks (pretty scary bark). His fear of people that he doesn’t know is still there but he has improved quite a bit. As long as you let him approach you instead of just walking right up to him he’s less scared.
Storms still scare Apollo (same for all our dogs) but as long as he has his Thunder Shirt on he handles it pretty good.
The few times Apollo has gotten out he just comes running to the barn to find us instead of running away. He knows this is home. 🙂
This has turned into a lenghty email but we thought you wouldn’t mind since you all love Apollo very much. We can’t tell you how glad we are that Apollo is part of our family!
Thank you so much for not giving up on him!
We give a lot of the credit to the changes in Apollo to using Cesar Millan’s way of working and interacting with dogs. His methods WORK!
Sarah and Rachel Smith
Thank you Smith family for giving Apollo such a great home and a second chance at life. -ESPCA
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