Buddy had been living life outdoors on a chain since he liked to “herd” the neighbor’s cattle.  He was owner surrendered to the Enid SPCA and I gladly fostered Buddy for several weeks to assess his temperament and trainability.  Buddy’s willingness to please makes him a perfect candidate for a therapy dog.  Buddy loves PEOPLE!  All PEOPLE!  He gets along well with other dogs.
He is calm, quiet, stoic; house and crate trained easily and a wonderful, sweet natured corgi.  He has adjusted quickly to being a house dog.  Corgis are not a breed for everyone; as in Buddy’s case, his strong herding instinct got him in trouble.  It’s very important to teach all dogs and puppies basic manners at an early age and give them a job to do.  Training can relieve boredom, stress and anxiety, as well as improve the animal-human bond.  I have begun teaching Buddy the skills necessary for AKC’s Canine Good Citizen award, (sit, down, stay, greet people and dogs, etc.) the first step to becoming a Therapy Dog.  I look forward to a long and loving relationship with my new best friend.
Corgially yours,
Janice Ciarla
Enid, OK
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