Wow…what a great day…busy day, but great day. We were able to scheduled probably 30 pets for spay/neuter surgery today so thank you to everyone that help spread the word. We have a few more appointments available next week.

We welcomed a new foster into the ESPCA family. Their family will be fostering three small puppies for a few weeks. Thank you for opening your home and hearts.

We had about 15 pets today be spayed/neutered today thanks to Dr. Lenz.

Volunteers were so helpful today! You guys are great.

Sammie, the big Siamese cat got adopted today. Gwen the sweet puppy with two colors of eyes got adopted.

AND while all that was happening our fearless leader, Vickie Grantz helped get several Rescue Waggin’ dogs ready for this Saturday’s flight with Fetch Fido A Flight. Rescue Waggin’ is a community program that has been created to specifically help pets get out of Enid Animal Control. Typically pets chosen for a flight need basic medical care. Volunteers and supporters have been so great to rally around this program so these pets get the care needed.

We realize we are doing as much as we can right now with the physical space limitations we have at the ESPCA but it’s not enough. Pets are still at risk here in Enid. So by implementing Rescue Waggin’ our goal is to save as many as we can by transporting them to rescues willing to take them. Support for this program, in the form of volunteers and monetary donations, is needed now so more lives that are at risk can be saved. Learn more here:

Thank you so much to all those that have donated, shared and volunteered.

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