Hey guys! Just thought I’d chime in and let you know how life is with freddy now. Since the adoption two months ago, he has just blended right into our lives. At first, the only reason we picked him was to match the furniture, which admittedly, he does fantastically, but really – he has just wormed his way into our hearts and we could not be more thankful for bringing such a joy into our lives.

Every day when we get home from work, he’s right there, at the end of the couch, just to say “hey. sup.” He’s so cool, so frisky, and on top of all of that, he’s incredibly lovable. At first, we weren’t sure that adopting him, considering he has FIV, was a good idea: that would limit the number of cats we could have later on… but honestly – Freddy is a one-cat sort of deal. you get all the cat you can handle out of this big guy. thanks again for all of  your hospitality and support! we couldn’t be happier!

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