Hi my name is Dean Martin but I go by Deano. You know me as Sid. My new Mom and Dad thought I needed a name worthy of my tuxedo and I even wear a bow tie when company comes over. I was adopting January 19 by new Mommy and Daddy (Kristen and Daryn Vencl). I am so happy at my new home. I have a sister but she still isn’t a fan of me. She’s a cat named Stevie Nicks or Nicksy. I have lots of toys and get lots of treats. I’ve made so many new friends in the short time at my new home. I have a couple of girlfriends. One is a Yorkie named Mia Wallace and the other is chocolate lab named Sookie. I like to play ball with my dad and play with my squeaky lion and rhinoceros with my mom. Any toy that squeaks is my favorite! I love to snuggle and sleep in between Mom and Dad at night. Mom and Dad say they should rename me Merlot because I can be a whiner. I like to know where everyone is at all times. If Dad forgets to take me outside when he does yard work I whine until Mom lets out to help. I just thought I would give you an update on how I’m doing. 

Paws and licks, 


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