My husband showed me a picture of a dog online at the SPCA that needed adopted.  A German Sheppard that was a stray and was rescued.  I heard she was not in very good shape and didn’t weigh very much and just has had a tough time.  I have always wanted a german sheppard ever since I was younger and was surprised when he showed me a picture of Duchess.  My kids and I went up to Spca a few times to visit her and she did so well with the kids and is very sweet.  We got to adopt her and brought her home, at first she was shy and wasn’t so sure about being with us and was just cautious, and didn’t really play much, but she did very well with our other animals.    We have had her for about a month and a half and she has opened up so much, she plays with toys, she likes playing with our other animals, she loves to act like she is digging a hole and when the dirt flies behind her she turns around and trys to catch it.  She lets us hug her and even give her kisses.  I’m very happy we adopted her and she is so happy herself.  We just all love her!

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