IMG_7032We were recently asked the difference in a Foster and an Adopter. When the Enid SPCA started many years ago it started out of a couple of housewives homes. They reached out to their friends and family to find temporary families for the homeless animals of Enid. Over the years the Enid SPCA has grown to what it is today and is still growing. We now have a permanent shelter to place our temporary guests at our currently location at 1116 Overland Trail.

With the help of some amazing people we are now working to build a stronger foster program. We typically run at full capacity at the SPCA which means every dog run and every cat room is completely full. Once a pet is adopted, we are able to bring a needy pet. This is where foster homes come in. If the shelter is full and an adoptable pet is out of time at Animal Control or an owner surrenders a wonderful pet we try to find a foster home that can temporally take care of the pet. Also, all puppies need foster homes as a shelter environment is not in their best interest.

While a pet is in foster care we provide all the medical care, vaccines, deworming, microchipping and spay/neuter. The foster family loves the puppy, takes care of it/them and begins the potty training and crate training. We can provide the crate, puppy food if needed and puppy toys. Once the puppy has completed the spay/neuter surgery (at 8 weeks or older) and has been in our program for at least 10 days then it is eligible for adoption. A foster family has the right to adopt their foster puppy if they pay the adoption fee, which is what we call a “foster failure”. If the foster family doesn’t want to adopt their foster, then we add the puppy to our website and facebook page and it begins attending adoption events to find a new home. Right now most foster puppies spend 2-3 weeks in foster care before they are adopted.

When you adopt a pet it means you are now that pets final home. You are responsible for that pet for the rest of it’s life.

If you are interested in fostering please fill out a Foster Application here:

As an approved foster you will have the opportunity to choose the pets you take in. You are not obligated to take a foster when we call on you. We do ask, once you accept a foster you commit to that pet until the pet is adopted or accepted into the SPCA shelter.

As a foster you are not alone. We have several resources available to help. Please reach out to our foster coordinator, Julie Miller (580) 747-1679 if you have any questions.

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