Franklin (aka “Frankie” and “The Frankster”) and I had a great trip back to Nevada. He is a well mannered dog who loves to ride in vehicles. He rode in the front seat all the way and was so laid back I did not feel the need to kennel him. When he needed to relieve himself he would put his paw on my shoulder and talk to me. This was my signal to stop and walk him. His previous owners should be given kudos for their training of him. He is a very loving, friendly and intelligent Sammy.

He has adjusted well to his new family and seems to be working overtime to please us. His pleasant personality is perfect for our household. His female companion is Samantha. She looks a lot like Maggy his previous companion. Samantha has never been a snuggler and has more of an aloof personality. When she saw how much loving and attention he was getting she could not stand it and began to demand more attention from us. This is a win / win for both dogs as well as my wife and I.

When I got back to Nevada I went to our local vet to schedule Franklin for a wellness examination. Unfortunately, our vet of ten years had passed away. Our groomer recommend another vet and Franklin was given a wellness exam. During the exam the vet discovered a bad tooth. The tooth has been removed and his teeth have been cleaned. No other health issues were discovered.

Franklin has learned to love his grooming appointments. During his first few appointments he was unsure and nervous about being left in a strange environment with other dogs. He has come to realize this is special attention and that we will always be back to pick him up. We like to groom our dogs every four or five weeks as they are mostly inside dogs.

Franklin likes to be with us and will stay with us on the bed until we fall asleep. When he thinks we are asleep he will get off and sleep next to Samantha until morning. We have found that feeding him smaller meals twice a day works better for him and eliminates a lot of his “talking”. When he “talks” to us now it is usually a potty request or an attempt to wrest attention from Samantha. This procedure also helps with his propensity to consume unsupervised food. (Every Sammy we have owned has had this tendency.)

Thank you for coming into the shelter on your day off so I could leave for Nevada before the tornado hit. I very much appreciate this accomdation.

Michael and Bonnie Petti

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