This is George’s new family! They came all the way from Nebraska to adopt this lovable puppy! They are such a perfect match and we were so happy to see George go to such an awesome family! We wish them a safe journey back home and thank you so much for coming all this way to pick up your life long friend.
Update From the Family:
I wanted to send you a note to say thank you to the staff there at the SPCA and especially to Amy.  We have had George home for almost 4 whole days and he is so much fun.  He is smart as a whip as well.  The staff there were very helpful and kind all through the adoption process.  It was worth every mile from Nebraska to come and get him.  He mastered the dog door that allows him outside to the back yard in just one day.  He has not had an accident in the house since his first night at home.  He has been a blessing after the loss of Hanna.  He makes me laugh every day.
Thanks Again!
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