When I came into the ESPCA I was unsure of adopting. I had just moved to Enid from Texas and had to put down my friend of 12 years, Sugar. I decided to check out the website because my Mom had told me about a little puppy named Naomi. So, one Saturday I decided to come in and visit little Naomi. I knew when I saw her that she was mine but thought I would wait till the next week and give myself the weekend to make for sure. I told myself that if she was still there on Tuesday that she was meant to be mine. And guess what she has been mine ever since. However, with new beginnings come new names. So, I renamed her Ginger. She has been a wonderful & loving companion for me and she seems to bring joy to all she meets.
Thank you Enid SPCA for providing these animals with a second chance and thank you for making my world a lot better!
Christie Buckner
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