Hello my name is Harley! I am sure you remember me because I am just too sweet to forget.  My family adopted me in May of 2010. I have a brother and sister to play with every day and we are the best of friends. I like to hide my bowl in a new place every day so my family has to go on scavenger hunts just to feed me and I love burying all of my snacks. I have really personalized my yard, I enjoy lying under the bushes and in the mud, digging holes, walking through the neighborhood, helping Dad with BBQ’s and chasing frogs. I am sending you a few pictures to show you how much I have grown and just how  perfectly I fit in with my family! My pictures include:  The first week I was home; another day at the park; cuddling with Mommy; and hanging out in my yard. I love kissing!

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