548a92b9-510c-4328-bf3b-40623ed44404I adopted my boy Jack 2 years ago, when he was just 4 months old. I remember the day my daughter and I decided to go look, like it was yesterday! We walked through looking at all the sweethearts begging to be chosen for their new home.. If my husband allowed I would have grabbed each and every one! When I came across Jacks cage, oh my gosh my heart just skipped a beat! I knew he was the one! He was so tiny, scared, sitting in the corner on the concrete of this huge cage… As soon as we walked up to the gate, it was like his spirits immediately lifted… he ran over and was wagging his tail, jumping, sticking his nose through trying to give us kisses! It was the sweetest thing! I instantly went to the guy and said we found our new family member, when the followed us to the cage, opened it up… Our now sweet Jack, literally ran and jumped up on my knees! I paid the fee, and brought him home… I sat there watching him check out his new home. Within minutes the first thing he did was lay down on the warm cozy carpet and fall asleep next to his new stuffed toy monkey. It literally made my heart melt because I knew he was just so happy and thankful for even just having the simple thing as warmth and soft carpet to lay on. My daughter was over the moon… She kept holding him and carrying him around like a baby 🙂 we took him to his vet visit, and turns out he had three different kinds of worms in his little body.. Vet was amazing and got them handled, Overall he was a healthy pup!


A few months later, while I was getting ready for work, my daughter accidentally let Jack out the front door, I hear the doorbell and it was a lady telling me she thinks she hit our dog. The words can’t explain how distraught I was! I didn’t even know how he got outside, there’s no way it was my Jack! We called out for him, and he didn’t come running from a bedroom.. So my husband ran outside to go see, and when I saw him lift Jack from the pavement I literally broke down. I started crying uncontrollably and was so extremely upset. As I type this it brings back the tears and emotion of that day. My husband brought him to me and told me he was still breathing, and to take him to the vet NOW. As I drove him to the vet, still crying, I would look over at him and see him so pitifully laying there… I told him he better stay strong, that it wasn’t his time. We still had many years to spend together and I wasn’t ready for him to leave me. I promised him some silly things.. Treats everyday for the rest of his life, even more cuddles and kisses he could ever want… Just to come back to me. When we got to the vet, after a long wait.. The vet came and spoke to me, told me he had a severely broken pelvis (but it was all a clean shatter/break) .. Thankfully, his spine and organs were ok. That because he is young, and muscular .. It pretty much saved his life! The muscles surrounding his broken bones, were holding them all in place! I was in such relief! But the vet explained it would be a long recovery … Jack would spend at Least one month being confined to his cage so he had minimal movement, he had meds to take daily, and when we took him to the restroom we had to carry him outside, have him on a leash, set him down gently and wait for him to go to the bathroom and then carry him back inside. After his one month, he had a check up and got astounding results! He could be out of his cage when we were home, but to make sure he didn’t do any jumping up or down that could hurt his progress in the bones healing.

Fast forward a year and a half, He is seriously is still the BEST dog I have ever had. He is the same sweet natured cuddle bug that I brought home at 4 months old. He is so smart, well behaved and just loves being loved. He pretty much lets my 7 and 4 year olds do whatever they want to him.. He just sits/lays there without a care in the world. My family and I couldn’t imagine our lives without him. He is my third child, and spoiled as much too! Haha

We have been looking into adopting another now that we have moved into a bigger home. Can’t wait to find our next family member! Every adopted dog is a blessing, and deserve a loving home with an amazing family. Every story is a story to be heard, so more families look to adoption when finding there new dog/or cat! I am attaching photos from the night we brought him home, to the more recent days 🙂 sorry this was a novel.. thanks for reading!!

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