I adopted Jada about a month after my Pom Morgan died. I wanted a dog that looked and acted totally different than Morgan; and boy did I ever get it!!!  Jada is a bundle of energy, almost always on the go and wanting to play. I was worried about how she would interact with our other dog; a male Mini American Eskimo; but they are the best of friends!! He is 8 years old and she gets him to run around the yard with her like they are both young puppies!!! I love seeing that!!
Jada loves everyone she meets! She is a very loving dog and loves to give kisses. We cuddle together on the couch in the afternoons for a nap. She like to lay her head on my neck, or at least as close to it as she can get.
Jada is a wonderful addition to our family!!!!  We all love her so much!!!

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