It doesn’t seem possible that it’s almost been three years since I first saw “Jed’s” picture on the Enid SPCA Facebook feed. He was a cute little thing with a patch of white on his forehead, and I knew he’d find a special home. My son Jake and I already have two adopted dogs, a lab mix and a dachshund, so I wasn’t in the market for a new dog. I shared Jed’s picture several times on Facebook, hoping someone else would see his beautiful spirit. Sometime there had been an article in the paper about an animal hoarder’s house where dozens of dogs were rescued from terrible conditions due to abandonment. I happened to go to the Enid SPCA webpage, where Jed was noted to have been from the “Buffalo Home.” One day, after much internal conflict I asked my mother to go meet Jed. She did, and she called me to tell me about how shy and sweet he wa s. She described him as a ginger with a pretty big underbite with teeth that stuck out over his top lip. Well, I had to go see him now! The next day my mom took Jake, me and our two dogs to the SPCA to meet Jed. The little guy and his old housemates were outside, and when someone would come to the fence they would run away to the side of the building, making sure to never make eye contact. A nice volunteer helped to introduce me to Jed, where he shook and refused to look me in the eye. We decided to let him meet our other dogs to see how they got along, and all went pretty well– no snarling or biting, just lots of sniffing! Jed got to come home with us, but that night he found his way out of the back yard and wandered off. It just so happened that the temperature dropped to around 20 degrees that night, but I still went out calling for Jed– even though he didn’t know this was his name. Just about 20 hours later with the help of Enid Rover Alert on Facebook, the little dog was fou nd after having wandered up on a porch about two blocks away. We brought him home, patched up the fence and loved on him as much as possible, then renamed him Cletus Ray Melvin because, well… just look at his sweet face! Today that once-skiddish little guy has gained weight, loves to give people the sideways glance with his good eye, and prances around as happy as can be. He and our other dachshund Hendrix rule the house and keep the neighborhood safe by barking anytime someone dares to walk down our street. He cuddles with our older lab Brady and even likes to wrestle a little with him. I think that even if I left the gate open, he would never leave again– he loves his new home and his new family, and we love him. I’d always heard that rescue dogs have a keen sense of gratitude that other dogs don’t. Cletus Ray definitely has that sense and is one of the best dogs in the world. Thank you so much Enid SPCA for rescuing him and his housemates!

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