Hi, I’m Josie. My mom adopted me in July ’10 and I’m LOVING my new home. I have 2 older brothers, Duke and Prints, and they really take care of me…except when Duke tattletails on me for going potty in the house ;(…we play all the time in our big yard, lounge around on the couch, and sleep in moms bed…actually, we take up the whole thing…but it’s ok..she doesn’t seem to mind. I’m eating really well…I weigh in at a whopping 8 pounds now…I almost weigh as much as my brothers, I’ll get there some day. I went to the vet and I am totally healthy…but I’m still a little scared of being abandoned…so it was traumatic for me.

I have alot of toys..and I tear them up every chance I get. I’m looking forward to Christmas…I can’t wait to see what mom gets me….

Ok, so I sent some pictures along so you can see me at my best…I’ll email again to let you know if I hit the big 1-0 (pounds that is).
Love, Josie

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