A message from our adoptable gal, Phoenix.

The ESPCA is having a Dog Food Drive for pets. We have a Pet Food Pantry that we maintain to help people and their pets through difficult times. Unfortunately, we are out of dry dog food and would love to stock back up right away. We take all brands, and we divide up bagged dog food into smaller portions to help pet families get through a tight few days. Let’s keep those pets in their homes where they are loved and out of the shelters.

  • You can buy any dog food at PetSmart, tell them it’s an Enid SPCA donation, and leave it with PetSmart. Janet or Susan will make sure it gets to the Enid SPCA shelter. The Pet Pantry could also use some treats. “Pup-Peroni” works well because it can be divided up.
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Only days left to get yours!
$10 of every order is donated to support the work bring done at the ESPCA!