We’re getting back to pulling dogs, and today was pretty busy! Five dogs are safe, thanks to 3 fosters and 2 kennels. As happy as we are, we had some unexpected “surprises.” Two of the dogs, unfortunately, tested positive for heartworms (“Ephraim” and “Penny”). “Savannah” is HEAVILY pregnant, producing milk, and will be having babies any day now. “Phoenix” seems to have hip issues with possible pens or rods in both hips (will be evaluated). 

Nonetheless, five doggies are safe. All are SWEET as can be, and ALL are looking for foster to adopt homes! “Ephraim” and “Savannah” are 4-5 years old, “Penny” and “Phoenix” are 7 years old, and little “Sanguine” comes in at 4 months of age. If interested in any of these new babies, complete an application at enidspca.org.

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