Hello.  I adopted Katie (who you all called Kitty, aka Poods) approximately a year ago.  I have meant to send you an update before now, but hadn’t gotten around to it.   I apologize.   We LOVE Katie SO much!  She has fit into our family perfectly and is the SWEETEST dog we’ve ever known!  There are five of us, my husband, me and our 3 kids.  Katie has been wonderful with the kids from the very start. They call her “Sister” most of the time.   When the weather is cool, Katie goes everywhere with us.  When it’s hot or we can’t take her for other reasons, she goes to Max and Elsies doggy daycare here in Edmond:)  She is very spoiled and VERY loved. Thank you for taking care of our baby until we could find her.  I hope you enjoy the pic.   —-Gina Scott

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