Just wanted to let you know that Kinley is settling in incredibly well in our household!!  She has realized that we have a great yard to run around in, and when she’s ready to come back inside she comes to the back door and someone lets her in (if we aren’t already outside with her).  She’s been playing with Dotti (the dachshund) and Mack (the black lab/chow/shiba inu mix) and they all had a great weekend running around the house, then crashing on the living room floor together!  My daughter has taken Kinley running both Saturday and Sunday evenings, and she LOVES it!!  She doesn’t like to walk on a leash very well (always trying to RUN) so we’re putting her in beginning obedience classes beginning in October.  She’s such a smart dog that she’ll probably end up at the top of her class!  J  My daughter is excited because she FINALLY has someone to run with every night!!

She’s just an incredibly lovable dog and has enjoyed licking the faces of all the family that’s come over to welcome her into the household!  I realize that I’ve used a lot of exclamation points in this email, but she’s such an amazing dog that we’re very excited to have her in our family.  I’ve attached a picture of the three of them from Saturday night…just hanging out in the living room. 

Thank you SO MUCH for allowing us to take Kinley into our family!

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