Leo, a tiny chihuahua, was running wild on North Highway 81 for months. Caring people from all over Enid tried to save him. Many people got as close as an arms length from him, but he always seemed to elude them. One volunteer spoke about staying out on a hot day when the temperature was 100+ for hours trying to entice Leo to come to them. Many reports were made to animal control saying he was nearly ran over or nearly hit my motorist on the highway. Animal Control spent about two months following Leo, setting traps and trying to save him. Finally Officer Free was successful at catching Leo. He brought him directly to the ESPCA.

Leo was very afraid and very scared of his new surroundings. For most of his stay at the ESPCA he stayed hunched in the back corner of his kennel. At first Leo would not allow anyone to touch him or get too close. Staff and volunteers spent countless hours setting with Leo. Some would simply sit with Leo reading. Some would bring him special treats. Slowly but surely Leo was brave enough to take treats and allow us to slowly pretty him, but was still very scared and very unsure about humans.

One day a very lovely family visited the ESPCA. They were looking for a larger dog to live on their farm. They saw Leo and even sat with him for a little while. A few days later they decided to bring their sweet little chihuahua to meet Leo. The two got along but pretty much ignored each other. The family decide Leo needed to go home with them. Leo was adopted!

A few days after he went home we received several videos of Leo playing and being a happy pup. We were moved to tears.

Thank you to the Barnes family for giving Leo, now Dex, a loving home. Thank you to our community for supporting and donating so that we can continue to save lives like Leo.


The Enid SPCA is a registered non-profit agency, and all donations are tax deductible.  The Enid SPCA is not associated with any national or state agency and relies solely on donations.  The Enid SPCA is not associated with the ASPCA. Please consider a monetary donation to assist with the care of the animals staying with us until they find homes.


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