I picked up Moxie from my friend in Norman about 12:30pm on Saturday.  Moxie and I got to know each other on the long drive home.  Her name is now Maggie Rose, and she is quite the diva!  She has had a haircut and is learning the ropes at our house from the other three dogs.  She is quite the character and keeps us laughing.  She is doing very well with her housebreaking and likes going in her crate (there are good treats in the crate).  She is running outside with my dogs now, but hasn’t picked up on the art of chasing squirrels just yet.  She is quite the snuggler and follows me all over the house.  She has chewed the plug off my hair straightener, but it can be repaired.  She is a joy and I just wanted to let you know she is having a blast!
Karmann Goff
Weatherford, Texas

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