I picked Minnie out right away as the perfect addition to our new home in Enid. She was so pretty and sweet and had such a tiny voice. On the ride home she howled so loudly that I thought maybe I had been given the wrong cat. She spent the first few hours home hiding  under the couch but she soon came to trust us and her new home. She enjoys playing with dangling things, balls and, her favorite, any bug she is so fortunate to find.

Minnie is a cuddler. She will sometimes come and remind me that I need to spend more time with her. I lie on the floor and she settles in on my belly and we have a good cuddle. Sometimes she naps and sometimes I do too. All is right with the world.

I take Minnie outside on a leash on the back porch when the weather is good. She usually wants to stay on my lap but seems to get a kick out of the birds that come over to scold at her.

Thanks for letting us bring Minnie home.
Mickey Chapman

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