Remember me, Mittens #4333.  I was the “top cat” at the shelter for two years. 

I was adopted one year ago as a Christmas present.  I love my new home.  Miss Dixie and Mr. Bob sure spoil me with love.  I have my own bed and lots of toys!  I hide my toys at night and see if they can find them in the morning, they need the exercise.  When they sit down in the evening to watch television I jump in their laps to be held or brushed.  I don’t like to snuggle, just to be held on their laps.  I’ve been a good girl, anyway that’s what my Christmas stocking says that’s hanging by the fireplace.

Remind all the other residents to just keep purring and they’ll find a new home some day too.

Merry Christmas to all
Mittens Stribley

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