I just wanted to give you an update on Mufasa. He is such a wonderful cat.

Mufasa is doing great and he really was so perfect for our family. We didn’t really realize how much we needed him. He is really such a unique cat. Most of the times we are pretty sure he is part dog. lol. He has learned to sit, lay, speak and roll over for treats. He also has to make sure he plays fetch with us everyday. He likes to get his mice or one of our kids nerf darts are his favorite to fetch. He will run and get it and bring it back and drop it in our hands. This is something he just started doing on his own.

He has decided to take over my pillow at nights and loves to sleep on my head. He is just a lovable cat. When you get home from work, he jumps up into your arms and it’s like he gives you hugs. If you ask him who is my buddy, he nuzzles his head against your cheek.

I could go on and on about how happy we are with him and how wonderful everyone at the SPCA has been with adopting him. The woman at Petsmart that helped us (I think her name was Melissa) Still asks me about him everytime I come in the store.

The top of the recliner is definitely his favorite place to be. He has just made himself at home and it’s like he has always been there. We couldn’t be happier. The kids love him and he is so good with them as well.

I find it funny that Mufasa loves to be held by my husband like a baby, or up on his shoulder. He is a cuddle cat, and when we first adopted him, I think in the paper it said he wasn’t really a cuddle cat. Nope, took about 15 minutes being home for him to adjust and he really just fit right into our family. He is a wonderful wonderful cat.

Thank you
Avi and FamilyMufasa1Mufasa2

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