Five years ago we lost our dog, Lucy and said we would not get another one!  That thought lasted two weeks.  SPCA was having a debut at the Enid mall and we decided to go.  We agreed that we would NOT get a dog that sheds, for sure.  Well, the first sight of Oscar, a 2 ½ year old shorty Jack Russell,  was him running through a large empty store with the sun shining down  and he was BLOWING HAIR big time!  They had just given him a bath and that’s what happens when you give him a bath.  We sat and talked to them and Oscar for an hour .  We enjoyed him so much.  We left and thought about it overnight.  The next day when we called to see if he was still available they said “Oh we were hoping you would call.”  And he has been the BEST dog ever and our FIRST indoor dog ever.  He goes rollerblading with us and takes walks with us, which we need desperately!  We never imagined  how much fun and how much joy Oscar would give.  And we don’t care about him shedding hair! 
THANKS for all you do, Enid SPCA!
Jerry and Rose Gustafson

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