In November of 2009 we adopted four and a half month old Perkins (Or Scooter, as he was known then).  We saw him online and couldn’t wait to get him (we had to wait through the quarantine period).  At first our children were afraid of him because of his exuberance and because he was the first family pet that we’ve had; but it didn’t take long for them to warm up to Perkins and want to play with him all the time.   He’s a sweet loving little dog, friendly to everyone he meets (he loves other dogs as much as he loves people). 

He took some time to get potty training down, but, now, he’s well trained at using the backyard only (our carpet is safe again!)  He walks with the kids to school and the teachers and other kids love little Perkins.  He graduated from puppy training at the local pet store and listens well to commands (most of the time), but he still has trouble not excitedly leaping on anyone who comes to visit.   

He has become a special part of our family.  We love Perky-baby.

We were so lucky to have the opportunity to adopt Perkins. 
Thank you,
The Benton Family
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