Hi! My name is Alycia Lima and I adopted Phoebe Hope 2 months ago. I’m a student at OU and Phoebe lives with me and my three other roommates in our house. In addition to her, we have a kitten (Marley) and a chinchilla (Chinchie). Phoebe was a rescue dog and had an unfortunate past history. Her rescue story was in the Enid News & Eagle this past summer. I gave her the middle name “Hope” for more than the fact that she simply is a puppy full of hope. One of my favorite symbols is an anchor, which stands for hope. Phoebe has definitely become one of my best friends. She is full of energy and always gives me something to do. She has many dog friends and loves on anybody and everybody she meets. Phoebe lives for road trips! This past weekend we actually drove nine hours to St. Louis. She was in heaven. Phoebe loves to be pampered, and especially loves to get her hair and nails done. Her favorite color is of course pink. She is quite the prissy pup; she has adopted the nickname Princess Phoebe. She strongly dislikes getting her paws wet and is extremely scared of rain. One of our favorite pastimes is to go on jogs and to play with the tennis ball. Phoebe has become very good at walking on her hind legs to get her favorite treats. I am so thankful that she was safely rescued and found her home with me. Thank you to the SPCA from the bottom of my heart <3 PS I have pictures that will be sent within the next few days! You can read more about Phoebe’s story on our Rescue Puppies Page.  She is a real success story.

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