Ziggy is doing well, his name is Roadie now.  We figured, with the road trip we took to get him, it fit.

He is crate trained, housebroke, knows how to sit and lay down now.  He likes to play with our dog, Dove and loves to jump on the cat, Boston.  He has learned to leave the chickens alone and he is learning to stay away from the horses.  Our horses don’t like dogs, because they were attacked by dogs when they were foals.  He is not sure about riding in the tractor yet.

I am sending you a few pictures.  He loves to play with his horse he got at the shelter.  We’ll say “Roadie, go get your horse” and he runs right over and grabs it shaking it and squeaking it.  He has a toy tractor and a pull toy also, but I think his horse is his favorite.
Thank you for letting us take him home that day.  We are really lucky to have such a fine dog.
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