SPCA staff,
I’ve intended to send you our “Happy Tail” for quite sometime now, and I’ve decided to take advantage of the snow day and email you.
We adopted “Pedro”, now “Scotch” a year ago last Christmas. He was a tiny kitten then, and he has grown into a handsome, loving lap kitty. He has tons of personality! He uses his charm to get treats, and it is very difficult to say no to him. He is a big baby who wants to be on a lap, or curled up in a warm bed to cuddle. We can’t imagine not having his loving presence in our home. I’ve sent two photos of him, one taken shortly after he came home with us, and a more recent one. He has grown quite a bit in a year!
Our other kitty we adopted in May of last year was named “Angel” there, and we named her Princess Pitty Sing. She was over a year old when she came home with us, and immediately took her place as queen in our home. Her sweet face and soft meow never failed to brighten my day. She didn’t care to be held much, but when she decided to curl up on my lap it was always a pleasant surprise. She loved stickers and price tags, and would transport and deposit them into the closest water bowl she could find. She loved water. The first place we would look for her was the shower, and when she heard the water running, she would demand to be let in the bathroom so she could peek in the shower!
Princess became ill in December, and we found out she was born with a kidney problem. After every attempt to heal her, we lost our baby this January. Although we didn’t have her very long, we have never regretted adopting her, and feel blessed for having her in our lives. Although this “tail” doesn’t seem to have a happy ending, we loved Princess very much and miss her greatly. Her first name, “Angel” was very befitting to her. I wrote a little poem to keep with her photo, and I hope anyone who loses a pet could find comfort reading it.

May you curl up
in God’s lap
lie in a window that
always faces the sun
chase and bat
at angel’s wings
may you greet
all who come
 through Heaven’s door

I apologize for this being so long. I wanted to thank you all for the work that you do, and that our family is grateful for the “rescues” that we have adopted.
The Swanner family –
Amy, Andy, LeeAnn & Sarah
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