Hi ESPCA family. I’m here today to tell you about Spice. Spice is our gorgeous, petite, little torti girl with the silent meow. She has been with us for nine months and has stolen the hearts of the cat staff, as well as the rest of the ESPCA team. I know so many of you have followed her story and have fallen in love with her, too.

It’s with great sadness and a very heavy heart that I come to you today to tell you that Spice has taken a turn for the worse. All of our medical staff’s attempts and the medicine that has been helping just aren’t working anymore. As you may or may not know, all but one of her teeth were pulled a while back due to infection. Unfortunately, the infection was just too pervasive and has made it very painful to eat, sometimes even drink.

Here at the ESPCA, we follow the 5 Freedoms:
Freedom from hunger and thirst
Freedom from discomfort
Freedom from pain
Freedom to express normal behavior
Freedom from fear and distress

“Our mission is to provide compassionate care to companion animals awaiting adoption.”

Our decisions are all based on those 5 Freedoms and our mission statement. Unfortunately, Spice is no longer free from pain, hunger, distress, or able to express normal behavior, so it was with very heavy hearts that we decided to humanely euthanize.

As sad as that news is, there is a bright point. I was fortunate enough to be able to bring her home for her last week to love and spoil, so she knows what it was like to experience a loving home.

I’m happy to have shared all the good moments we had and all the love we shared.

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