Hi, we adopted Stella about 5 months ago. She is amazing, we could not have been happier. She is so gentle with our children (3 & 1) and has never attempted to be anything but loving to them!  She was so scared when we first got her and we loved on her until she came to know this is the only family she will ever have- this is her home. She plays well with other dogs now and is now very protective of myself and my children which is very good since my husband works a lot.

She does very well inside but we have noticed she is sometimes reluctant to come in the house since she has such a big yard to play in and she prefers sleeping outside on nice nights! We are thinking we may want to adopt another big dog about the same size, we want her to have a play mate her size.  Stella is the best dog we could have asked for, she is super smart and already knows quite a few tricks. She can sit, roll over, come to her name, and gives kisses & she is just all around the best fit for our family! She loves to go on walks with me and she walks very well beside my stroller (it was the hardest thing to teach her!) and now we will walk about 2 miles and she loves it!

I am so thankful that we were able to bring her home the day we met her, she is everything we wanted & I honestly can’t imagine not having her. Our youngest daughter screams Ella! and Stella comes running. I once caught our oldest daughter taking a nap on Stella, they were cuddled up with a blanket! They love her so much! THANK YOU all for what you do because these dogs need a 2nd chance!

She is truly a blessing to our family. You will never know how much she means to us. She is more than words can express and no one can believe that we got her from a shelter since she is so loving and gentle. Thank you again!
Sincerely, Erin
(picture soon to come)

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