One day I decided I needed to add a cat to our family so we went to the Enid SPCA to take a look. I wanted a younger cat or hopefully a kitten, and I definitely did not a white cat. I had a laundry list of reasons I didn’t want a white cat, but none of them held when I actually got to the SPCA and saw Tac. Tac was a young adult cat, fully grown, and was so friendly she called out to me. I had to have her! So I filled out the adoption paperwork and was approved and took her home. I had to bring her back for her spay, but they made that appointment as painless as possible and she was back home and recovering ASAP! She has been a great addition to our family, is gentle and gets along well with dogs and children and strangers. She’s not timid at all and loves her pettings! Thank you Enid SPCA for giving us a wonderful addition to our family!548a9402-3988-4986-a272-1f183ed44404

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