We are the family that took Tank home.  He is working out wonderfully with our family.  He has settled down a bit and that is good; he needed to.  My boys are 43 (hubby), 21, 19 and 10 yrs old.  They all play with the dogs a lot.  I would say that my youngest plays the most because others are at school or working sometimes.  The dogs really benefit from this. The older boys will wrestle pretty hard with Tank and he loves it.  They actually wear him out sometimes (if you can believe that).  They also sometimes go for walks. I think he is very happy.  He LOVES to be outside and we had to find a way to do this for him.  He sits on a rug instead of the grass cause sometimes, it may be wet.  He doesn’t always stay on it which is fine.  Thank you for allowing us to adopt him, we have all fallen in love with him. 
Theresa Peterson

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