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Just wanted you to know that Taya (my derivation of the name you gave her) made the trip to Denver extremely well. She is so smart, patient, sweet, and has great manners — she didn’t like the open steps up to my apartment, so I carried her up twice, showed her how to take the steps one at a time just once, now she takes them with no problems or fear. She also likes her two doggie beds but overall would prefer to get in MY bed. I told her no and she stopped getting in or on the bed after a single reprimand. She tolerated her bath well, and liked the treat reward.
Though my life and family here are wonderful,Taya has already elevated our joy factor by an order of magnitude. She is a dog who smiles all the time and plays with her whole body. So far she has not barked or growled at any other people or animals in my apartment complex, though she would chase a squirrel for sure if I let her! She has met some of my neighbor children and been very good with them.
Something tells me Taya is a worldly wise dog, based on her mellow manner and gratitude, her sense of self possession, but all I know is that she seems like a gift of the heart for me. Thank you so much for helping us find each other and taking her in so she could continue to enjoy her life.
Vicki in Denver


“Pup”date on Taya

Taya has become my new creature partner for almost a week now here in Denver and she continues to dazzle all of us. She met both my grandkids with pure patience and respect, including when my 2 year old grandson ran at her with a joy scream. She just licked him. She’s been great with close up meetings with other dogs, people and kids, LOVES rolling on her back in the grass in the park, and finally demonstrated her two bark modes: playful (which sounds like a schnauzer) and serious (which must be the other part of her mix, aerdale maybe). She likes to sit in my chair (but relinguishes it with only a mild request), curl her paw over her face while asleep, eyeball squirrels with NO respect! and smiles so much we all smile more too. What is better than waking up with a dog who is always in a good mood? She can also play fetch and bounds around with her ball like it’s her best Christmas present. Everyone who meets her says “where did you get that mellow, gorgeous dog?”
So for anyone reading Taya’s story, I want to give you my impression of the ESPCA facility: clean, roomy, well organized, staffed by people who have the exact right hearts and willingness to work hard to save and help dogs and cats and then hook them up with the exact right people. (The people part is probably harder because let’s face it, dogs and cats are wayyyy better in so many ways than humans!) I kind of had the feeling when I pulled into the driveway that this is a little place of paradise in the wilds of Oklahoma for dogs and cats who are in dire straits.
Hope all is well with everyone there — your Jax guy actually looks alittle like Taya, only bigger. Love that little Cole fella too, but Taya reports loving being a one dog household!
Vicki in Denver

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