Tess PostHeartworm treatment is not a walk in the dog park for most dogs. It’s a painful round of shots administered by a veterinarian and 6 weeks of no/low activity. They have to be confined to their kennel for the entire 6 weeks. We need your help with the medical costs for treating Tess and dogs like her. You can help now by committing to a monthly gift that will help us continue to treat heartworm positive dogs. Give Monthly: https://www.enidspca.org/you-can-help/ and choose the fun “Heartworm Treatment”

You can also give a one time donation that will help with the treatment Tess is going through.

Please have your pets tested and started on heartworm prevention if they are already not on it. It is an epidemic and it is fatal. To learn more about heartworm please visit: heartgard.com/Pages/Heartworm-Disease.aspx.

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