For immediate release: 3/8/2016 Enid, Oklahoma

An interactive robotic cat toy system that allows you to play with shelter cats on the Internet has been launched at https://www.enidspca.org. This technology, called iPet Companion, will allow users to directly interact with some of the cats available for adoption in the Enid SPCA. The goal is to promote animal activity, view cats and their living conditions at the ESPCA, and increase the number of adoptions and donations.

“Your computer mouse gets to play with the cats,” said Ronaye Classen, Operations Manager of the Enid SPCA. “We are looking forward to using this in efforts to increase adoptions and connect with the community.”
A great benefit of the system is that people who may not be able to directly interact with the shelter animals due to distance, illness, age or allergies will now have the chance to play with adoptable cats online.
Recently a visitor to the ESPCA spoke to staff about how her class of special needs children will be utilizing this technology to interact with the pets as they learn.

The Enid SPCA is one of only 22 shelters across the country with the innovative iPet Companion system.

Allowing users to play with shelter animals in real time from anywhere in the world, the iPet Companion, created by Reach-In Technologies, is the world’s first interactive Web-based pet toy. The system was donated to Enid SPCA by Reach-In as a part of the company’s efforts to promote the use of technology in the service of animal welfare.

To remotely play with the cats, users can visit https://www.enidspca.org and click on the iPet Companion icon. Users will be placed into a virtual queue where they can watch live video until it is their turn to control options during a two-minute session. Of course, users are welcome to join the queue again as often as they’d like.

The Enid SPCA is a nonprofit pet shelter that works to ensure that every healthy and treatable pet that enters the facility will be placed into a loving home. In 2015, nearly 300 pets were placed from the ESPCA and more are expected to be saved in 2016 thanks to developing programs and creative methods to involve the community, such as the iPet Companion. In the month of February the Enid SPCA found homes for 51 pets! For more information, visit https://enidspca.org or visit the shelter at 1116 Overland Trail, Enid, OK 73701.

For more information about Reach-in Technologies and iPet Companion, the media is welcome to contact media@reach-in.com.


Play with the cats virtually now at http://ipetcompanion.com/shelters/enid-spca-oklahoma.

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