Thank you all so very much! The funds have been raised to save Captain! We will hope to be able to give updates soon!

Captain and his new owner need your help. Most of you know we work closely with animal control to save as many lives as we can…this guy, Captain was adopted from Animal Control, we never had the pleasure of bringing him into the ESPCA. We have learned a disabled veteran adopted him with hopes of training him to be his service dog. Train A Dog Save A Veteran (TADSAV), a nonprofit out of San Antonio, TX, will cover the cost of training. Captain is so lucky to have been rescued from Animal Control to have this opportunity.

Unfortunately, Captain has tested positive for Heartworms. Heartworms are treatable, however very expensive. The veteran that adopted Captain does not have the funds to pay for the treatment. He has a two year old daughter and lives off of disability. The veteran has PTSD and Captain can be trained to help when he is anxious or needs mental support. Unless the funds are raised to treat Captain, he will not survive.

We are needing to raise $500-$700 to pay for the heartworm treatment.

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