Corporate social responsibility has been gaining popularity in
recent years. Companies can gain trust from consumers
and increase brand loyalty. Companies use corporate
sponsorship to gain visibility for their product or company and
separate themselves from competitors.

Corporate sponsorships with the ESPCA can take many forms.
Here are a few examples of the most common types:
A company donates money to sponsor an event or program.
We offer the opportunity to recognize your company
through various event materials, such as signage,
merchandise, social media posts, and online advertising.
An in-kind sponsorship involves a company donating goods or
services to an event or project. For example, a restaurant might
provide catering services, or a spa may donate free spa
packages as a raffle prize.
Media sponsorships consist of a company paying for the cost of
promoting one of our events or programs, which could include
radio promotions, TV ads, or printed advertisements.
Corporate/Employee Giving
This option includes automatic payroll deductions, volunteer
programs, and corporate matching gifts.

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